Hello Naturalistas... I've been getting alot of questions about moisturizing natural hair to stop the breakage. First of all moisturizing your hair is a key component to retaining hair length. Second of all in order to have healthy natural hair you need to moisturize correctly. Today I am  going to give you the tips and tricks on hair moisture. The correct way....

Tip 1: Always I Mean  Always... Deep Condition<You Need to deep condition once a week to retain moisture. Deep conditioning opens up the hair follicles to allow moisture to go in.
Tip 2:  Nightly hair oiling it is important because at night your hair rubs around on the pillow allowing the pillow to soak up your moisture. You can use any oil of choice. I typically use Jamaican Black Castor Oil. It works wonders on the hair.
Tip 3: That takes me to my last tip SATIN BONNET OR SATIN PILLOW CASE Sleeping with satin on your head allows you hair to retain its moisture. Cotton pillow cases  soaks up the moisture in your hair and makes your hair dry and brittle. You ever notice when you wake up with hairs on your pillow in the morning. Its because the pillow rubbed your hair dry to a breaking point.

XOXO NaturallyNatural



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