The Miseducation of Natural Hair

Years of misinformation have crippled our efforts for us to grow and maintain healthy heads of hair. Some of us have never had our hair reach the middle of our backs let alone make a ponytail. unfortunately hair care Miseducation runs rampant in the black hair community. We have to stop making these companies rich off of our lack of understanding there is no product that will grow your hair rapidly overnight most of us fail to realize everyone hair grows unless you have a (sickness)by the way I will go in to that another day but the science to grow and long healthy hair lies within your hair routine there this is where I come in. I am here to educate you to a head full of beautiful natural curls and coils this blog is going to be for anyone looking to become a better person inside and out starting with the top of our crown ending with the tip of our toes we are going to do this the natural way. Welcome to Naturally Naturals Way.

XOXO Yours Naturally


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