Self Worth

Self Worth is sooo important. It does not matter if you are a man or woman. You still need to know your worth and that you are important in your own eyes. I know that before I knew my worth I allowed any and everything to go on in my life. I woke up on day and realized that I wanted more out of life and only I could give it to myself. If you allow people to treat you anyways they will keep ding that and so on until you have to put your foot down and demand respect. KNOW YOUR WORTH!!! As a woman after I had kids. (I have 2) I did not like my body but i had to realize that if I did not like something or something I had every right to change it. Just a little food for though... YOU CAN CHANGE AND CHANGE IS GOOD! UNTIL NEXT TIME. PEACE LOVE AND HAIR GREASE!

Xoxo Tati B


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