Edge Naturale for edge hair GROWTH!!!

Hey Naturals!

I have been using this new creme called Edge Naturale Follicle Enhancer for my edges. You can use it even if you do not have natural hair. It is good for all hair types too. I even used it on my daughter’s hair who has type 3 and it made her edges grow in fuller than it has ever been naturally. 
So, let me tell you the truth with being natural for 5 years I used to be a product junky. I woke up one day and decided I want to become a minimalist even with my hair. What made me fall in love with this product.

1. it works... I lost my edges due to postpartum hair loss 3 years ago it just started growing back after using Edge Naturale. Thank you!!! 
2. It is perfect for men and women because the smell is not fruity, and it feels and smells really fresh. 
3. I can read all the ingredients... I know this may seem like girl👀... that’s so basic but... I appreciate knowing what I am putting on my scalp and that it is fresh. 

I must say that a little goes a long way with Edge Naturale Follicle Enhancer and this is coming from someone that can be heavy-handed with products so do not get intimidated by the size of the jar because it is perfect! Also, it is best to follow the directions on the jar because it really makes a difference putting the follicle enhancer on your hair when it is clean and clear of other oils so that your scalp does not get clogged of products especially around the edge area and you will want to just gently rub it into your scalp once or twice daily. Personally, I did it twice daily and I saw amazing results I'm telling you my edges were so thin that it almost looked like my edges were bald but they weren't they were just thin and this product really helped bring them back and now I can wear my hair pulled back. I do not have to try to do fake sleek edges because now my edges really do exist from using Edge Naturale Follicle Enhancer. 

Warning: You will want to stock up on Edge Naturale Follicle Enhancer! Just go to www.edgenaturale.com 



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